Partnership Changes Everything

Partnership is God's plan to transform lives and help people saved, delivered, develop and discover their place of ministry. Its about STANDING together in FAITH and PRAYER. (In other words, it’s about the relationship; not a financial obligation.)

God needs us to reach the world—together. We're committed to Praying for many, Healing the sick, Liberating all those oppressed, and helping people change their lives. Help us SPREAD THE LOVE OF CHRIST to the lost and those in need. My responsibility to our partners is to support and pray for them. I've committed my life to seek God and receive revelation from God that I can preach and teach to our partners.

Be a part of something BIG—make an eternal difference today as you help bring the message of healing and deliverance to the world. Together, we can do far more than any of us could ever do alone!

If you Partner today, you'll get immediate access to: hear from Pastor Charles first, access to daily prayers and word based teaching and a Complete Library of downloadable ministry prayers and sermons .

Something BIG and wonderful is happening to you and me, and for us, right now to save the lost souls and those in need . Become a Partner Today! and Let's get it done.

Become A Partner

God needs us to reach the world—together

God has given you a voice…something unique, special, powerful…and we want to help you find it. God has called us to reach out to the world using every available voice—and that includes your own. When you become a Partner with the Upper Room Fire Prayer Ministries, we team up together to help you find your voice. No one else can give exactly what you can give to this hurting world. We've helped many find their voices and reach out in their own unique ways—and we’re committed to help you, too.