I was believing God for fruit of the womb, after I joined the Pastor to the Mountain for prayers and also prayed using the dust, that same within 14days I was confirmed pregnant and have delivered a bouncing baby girl. Sister N.S, San Jose

No Job for 5yrs but after pastor prayed for me and my spouse I got two offers Praise God. Brother J.O San Jose

I have been believing God for a profitable Job, each time before I go for an interview, I will have a strange dream, once I have that dream the job will disappear so I complained to the Pastor he but me 7days fasting and prayers within 3 wks, I got the job of my desire, I told God if He gives me the job I vow to give him the praise and Glory. Here is my VOW to God JESUS Thank you! You are Awesome in my life. Sis M.C Stockton

My Husband keep leaving the house for other women and this time he never came back, Pastor Prayed for me and in 7 Days my Husband came back home to my loving arms. Sis Z.D. San Jose

I wanted to test the power of God in the Church and instead of Going to the Hospital, I drove straight to the Prayer meeting, and the glory of God I was miraculously healed and delivered from the clutches of death. Sis. G.I San Leandro

Every night I could not sleep because I had constant nightmares and sometimes terrible defilement. I complained about this to pastor and he put me on a 3 days fasting and prayer and all the nightmares and constant attack seized. Praise God. And my marriage is restored Sis. G.I San Leandro

For 5yrs no job, I have been to so many churches, and even serve on the board of some of them, to the glory of God, I had the opportunity to be invited to join the pastor for fasting and prayers on the Mountain and within 3wks I got two job offers. Glory to God. Sis. k.H San Jose

My son plays football as a defensive line back and suddenly he went for practice and was disqualified after the team doctor tested him for heart disease. I cried out to pastor that my son's career is over due to the diagnosis. Pastor said my is on sabbatical leave resting and would surely bounce back, we went to so many doctors in San Francisco until we found who was capable of doing the surgery on my child. For some reason surgery that was scheduled for about 17hrs was miraculously completed in less than 6hrs. Pastor kept saying He has given Angels charge over me and my SON to perfect the healing, to the Glory of God my SON is NOW healed and back to the team. Sis F.O. San Francisco

A case I was battling in court for years, finally settled me out of court with a wonderful amount after pastor prayed and put me on a series of 21 days fasting and prayers..God had to move on my behalf. I am victorious. I am truly victorious. I give God all the praise Dr. J.O San Francisco

Pastor put us on 21days fasting and prayers for foundational and ancestral deliverance, I dreamt I was in some place in Africa in front a house, house that my father built. The. I saw a woman" She started talking to me. and revealed to me 99% of the things done against me and my family and things buried under earth using a black pot and suddenly fire from heaven descended upon the black pot and roasted it to ashes. Thank you for praying for me Pastor Charles. May God bless you and your family.Sis. A.C California

35 yrs of witchcraft attack destroyed and their leader sent to torment me was also destroyed by the power of our God. Thank God for Pastor praying for me Sis. N.O

After praying using the dust prayer I was restored with a miracle car hear the keys! Praise the Lord! Sis C.D San Jose

12 years of barrenness broken in my family Here is my miracle baby boy, the enemy battled to attack this child but to God be the Glory Jesus Christ is Lord and he is our fortress and refuge. Thank you Pastor Charles for God using you and continue to use to do his work liberating all those oppressed. Sis A.C California

Praise God am Healed from malignant growth and also moving object in my womb and body. There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. Sis R.G Washington D.C

I have hearing people testify about the power of breaking ungodly silver cords and negative soul ties, so I asked the Pastor to give it to me, he placed me on fasting and prayers for 7days and somebody who has been troubling me was removed and infact the person turned back to apologize for what they had done to me..I want to thank God for fighting this battle for me. I have been restored. Thank you Pastor for praying for me. Bro. K.A.

I have been praying to break negative soul ties. And then around 3 pm. Since then, I didn't notice that I was coughing on and off....minor coughs....about an hour ago, I was driving and the cough got stronger and I felt like I was gagging I started vomiting spit and phlegm. And soon after I vomited and have a loud belch. Now all of a sudden I am no longer coughing and I feel absolutely fine. I am in awe right now. Praise the Lord Sister A.C